Supporting growth via entry and development of target markets

This SDCompass solution provides integral and personalized support to your business in entering and growing in a target market via commercial penetration.



Key questions

  • What is the structure and conditions to operate in your target market?
  • How has been the evolution and what are the trends of demand, purchasing terms and prices in the market?
  • Who are the main players, competitors, and substitutes in the market and what are their value propositions?
  • Who are the potential main client segments?
  • What specific potential clients have interest in our solution and what are their expected terms?
  • Do you want to accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of your market entry and penetration in the Latin American with help of well-connected experts in your sector?

Let’s Talk. SDCompass has the experience, seniority and effective methodology to support you in generating leads, managing opportunities and closing sales for your business in Latin American markets. SDCompass’ team has an outstanding track record of business consulting and practical support to companies in the energy, infrastructure, industry and service sectors, as well as a deep knowledge of markets in Latin America such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Central America.

SDCompass’ personalized approach

Our personalized and effective methodology allows us to define objectives, strategy, and action plan to achieve the results that you need within three to eight months. We use a three-stage methodology with the following activities and deliverables:

growth acquisitions


Write us or schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and the way that SDCompass can help you achieve your goals in the next few months.