Financial modeling, valuation and structuring of projects and businesses

With a personalized approach, this solution of SDCompass allows you to develop a financial model and valuation of your project or business with sights on selling equity shares or raising debt. At the same time, it allows to evaluate feasibility scenarios, capital structure and key financial indicators of a project or project portfolio, in an individual or consolidated manner, for an adequate decision-making process of sale, purchase, investment, and financial management. 



Key questions

  • Do you need to prepare a valuation of your company before you start the process of a sale or negotiation with an investor or financial entity?
  • What is the fair price of the asset you want buy or sell?
  • What is the internal rate of return of your company or project and how is it affected or enhanced by the price, demand, regulation, tax incentives and funding conditions?
  • What is the capital structure that suits you best?
  • What conditions of price, financing and others would you need to repay your credit and get the internal rate of return required by the project?

SDCompass’ personalized approach

SDCompass’ financial models include elements such as:

  • Project or business input variables and assumptions, with flexibility to adjust them. Some categories of variables include macroeconomic, installed capacity, prices, income, capital expenditures (including disbursement values and schedule), operational expenditures (allowing for flexibility in scenarios and types) and tax incentives.
  • Simulation and valuation of business units or projects in 5, 10,15,20,25 or 30-year terms. This includes results of the valuation as net present value, internal rate of return and payback period, among others. Each unit or project can be evaluated as a specific special purpose vehicle or independent business.
  • Results consolidation of business units and projects, including:
    • Profit and loss
    • Balance sheet
    • Treasury
    • Free cash flow
    • Risk analysis
    • Financial valuation
    • Results graphs
    • Sensibility analysis

Experience and capacity

Let’s Talk. SDCompass can help you in a personalized way to develop the financial model, business valuation or project evaluation needed for your business, business unit or project. The team of SDCompass consultants are senior professionals who add more than 50 years of experience in investment banking, corporate banking, development banking, strategic consulting and investment promotion in projects and transactions valued at more than USD 1700 Million and 1100 MW in the last 10 years.


Write us or schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and the way that SDCompass can help you achieve your goals in the next few months.