Raising equity capital and selling assets and projects.

This SDCompass solution offers personalized and integral support in raising equity capital and in selling your project, asset or business.



Key questions

  • Your company is a sponsor, developer or manager of projects or assets in need of equity capital investors?
  • Are you looking for an investor to buy minority, majority or 100% of shares of your project’s SPV or business under development, construction or operation?
  • Do you want this investor to be a national or international firm specializing in your sector or a mid to large size business with operations in your sector?
  • Is it necessary for this investor to possess the leverage to raise subsequent financing for building and operating the project?

Experience and capacity

Let’s talk. SDCompass can help you in a personalized way to get the partner or investor you need. SDCompass’ advisors have more than 50 years of experience in investment banking, corporate banking and strategic consulting, leading and successfully supporting private equity and financing transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors valued at more than USD 1700 Million and 1100 MW in the last 10 years

SDCompass has experience, senior relationships and investment opportunities origination mandates with private equity firms interested in energy and infrastructure opportunities.

SDCompass’ personalized approach

Our personalized and effective methodology allows us to define objectives, strategy, and action plan to achieve the results that you need within three to eight months. To achieve our goals of raising equity capital and/or buyers for your project, asset or business, we adopt a three-stage methodology with the following activities and deliverables:

Capital reasing


Write us or schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and the way that SDCompass can help you achieve your goals in the next few months.