Vision 2020

In 2020, SDCompass is a reference and growing firm supporting development and financing of renewable energies, infrastructures and technologies that contribute to the objectives of sustainable development in Latin America.

We are catalysts of investment towards the Latin American region. We have an extensive and robust network of senior, direct and trusted relationships with equity and debt investors from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East interested in Latin America. We have supported the closing of transactions for assets valued at more than USD 2 billion.

We have under our mandate various assets, products and solutions of different technologies, sizes, states, geographies, and rates of return that allow us to meet the investment strategy and criteria of different partners and clients.

We build relationships of trust, share risk and achieve valuable results for our clients in an agile manner. We support them efficiently and effectively in the preparation of capital raising processes for projects and assets that become magnets for investors with the contribution of SDCompass. We conduct the processes of raising equity, financing, commercialization and business development for our clients with professionalism and agility.

We are a team of associated professionals with deep knowledge and experience in private equity and M & A, project financing, business development, strategic consulting and investment promotion. Our consultants are committed to the success of our clients and we share the fruits of our dedication and results. We have presence in São Paulo, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and New York.

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy, we have a seed and risk capital fund that invests in the development of businesses with the potential to massively scale up technology-based solutions that promote more sustainable and inclusive development around the world.


Write us or schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and the way that SDCompass can help you achieve your goals in the next few months.