Supporting growth via asset acquisition of projects and businesses

This SDCompass solution provides personalized and integral support for you company to grow through acquisition of strategic projects and assets in target markets in Latin America.



Key questions

  • What is the market size and growth perspectives of your target market?
  • What your business goals in such target market?
  • What criteria must acquisition targets need to fulfill?
  • What is the desired equity share, price and other criteria for a feasible acquisition?

Experience and capacity

Let’s talk. SDCompass has the experience, seniority and effective methodology to support you in identifying and acquiring projects or assets that strategically fit your business’ objectives. SDCompass’ consultants have a robust track record of strategic consulting, management, mergers, and acquisitions, leading and providing supporting private equity transactions in energy and infrastructure for more than USD 1700 millon and 1100 MW. Our international team has a deep knowledge of Latin American markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Central America.

SDCompass’ personalized approach

Our personalized and effective methodology allows us to define objectives, strategy, and action plan to achieve the results that you need within three to eight months. To achieve our goals of identifying and acquiring strategically fit assets for your business, we adopt a three-stage methodology with the following activities and deliverables:

Capital reasing


Write us or schedule a conference call or personal meeting with one of our representatives to understand your current situation and the way that SDCompass can help you achieve your goals in the next few months.