Stefan Lee

Stefan Lee is Associate Senior Advisor at SDCompass. He is responsible for business valuation, project evaluation, and financial modeling works for renewable energy, infrastructure, and industrial projects in Brazil.

Recently he supported the financial structuring of infrastructure and energy projects in Brazil. His works include financial modelling and structuring of five wind farms for 250 MW, one hydroelectric of 150 MW, as well as airports Guarulhos, Brasília and Campinas, which were recently privatized. 

He was the Director of the Gruppo Megga Maquinas y Equipamientos, Investment Manager of Patria Bank and Analyst of HSBC Bank. While at Patria Bank he led, among others, equity investments in the diagnostic medicine company Dasa – Delboni Auriemo and the optical clinics’ network Fotoptica.

Lee is a teacher of business valuation, financial modeling, project finance, and CFA certification training at FK Partner. He has a graduate degree in Finance from PUC-SP, serves as a researcher of the Center for the Financial Studies and is a PhD candidate of the Sao Paulo’s Business School FGV. He lives in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

  • Financial Structuring
  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation
  • Renewable Energies
  • Infrastructure
  • Brazil


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